Monday, October 12, 2015

Beach Crisis Has Been Rescued!!!

Great news.  The Standardbred, Beach Crisis, has been pulled from the kill pen in Pennsylvania and is awaiting transportation to his new home in Indiana.

Beach Crisis, battle tested and scarred.
The only picture we have of him.

Contributions are still needed and if you can contribute to Beach Crisis' continuing needs, please make them through this Paypal account: for Munster Stable.  Remember there are still other horses in kill pens, no doubt hundreds of them and they are as disposable as Kleenex Tissue.  Please help as you can and to those who have made a contribution, Thank You.

Some days the sun is a little brighter and the air a little cleaner.  It's going to be a good day because Beach Crisis is going to live.


*I am not soliciting on my behalf.  The above mentioned Paypal account belongs to Munster Stable.

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