Monday, April 2, 2012

My Friend Fox

This is no way to begin a new blog, but I have to.  My cat and friend, Fox, passed away during the early morning hours of Sunday, April the first.  Fox was probably dumped nearby and appeared on our (my wife, Carol, grieves for him in her own quiet way) farmhouse porch and for the next eight years never left our home; he was no more than ten years old.

There are no words to express my sadness, just as there are no words to describe his sweet disposition, the fox-like ruff around his face; his expressive eyes; long-buff tipped coat, or his sensuous, fluffy, question mark tail.  He would be plenty po'd if I didn't tell you what a great hunter he was, or how he delighted in walking in the front door only to ask us to let him out the back door - now!

His was a remarkable and not regrettable life and I hope someone will say the same thing about me when my time comes to pass from this life. He was blessed with both the freedom to be Fox and the security of our home. He was a faithful friend.

I have not lost my friend, he has simply found his way back home.


Copyright April 2, 2012

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